Video: Ahwatukee Coach Pitch Little League – Featured on ABC 15

Video: Ahwatukee Coach Pitch Little League – Featured on ABC 15

Ahwatukee Little League - Coach PitchAhwatukee Coach Pitch Little League was featured on ABC 15’s Fouhy’s Small Stars.  Here is a video showing a game  between the White Sox and Twins.

Games are played at Mountain Vista Park (north of Sports Authority /FedEx & Peter Piper Pizza) on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.  Starting times for games on the weekday are 5pm & 6pm and on Saturdays games are scheduled at 8am, 9am, 10am and 11am.  The baseball games have an hour time limit or when each team bats 3 times.  A game might be less than an hour if a team(s) is descent at hitting, which reduces the total number of pitches a batter receives (the quickest game I have seen was 45 minutes).  The number of pitches tossed to a batter can be 4-5 (depending on what the coaches agree to before the game).

Ahwatukee Coach Pitch Little League begins in early April and ends in early May.  For the most part, you can expect at least 1 game during the week (the most will be 2 games) and a game on Saturday.  As far as practice times goes, this will vary depending on the each team / coach.

The age of the boys and girls range from 4-7 and the teams for the 2013 year includes:

  • White Sox
  • Twins
  • Reds
  • Giants
  • Dodgers
  • Rangers
  • Diamond Backs
  • Mets
  • A’s

This video is more of a “feel good” story and does not show the many talented kids at this age level.  Yes, some kids do get bored, play with dirt during the game and the overall experience for the kids and parents is definitely “fun,” but there are many kids that hit, field and catch well at the coach pitch level.

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